Declutter your life. Embrace freedom, simplicity, and adventure.

I want to Downsize my stuff and Upsize my Life!

Are you sick of the energy-zapping stress on your emotional and mental state due to the clutter in your physical environment? Are you tired of wasting money buying useless and insignificant junk that doesn't improve your life or bring you joy? So was I. I lived in a 2200 sq ft home filled to the brim with stuff I never used. I couldn't even park my car in our 2-car garage. My husband and I took the decluttering to a new level and moved into a tiny house - we know it's not for everyone, but it has been a beautiful journey of adventure.

Six weeks and Six Modules to Downsize your stuff and Upsize your Life!

100% ACTIONABLE CONTENT (not just inspirational, but transformational)

Are you spending hours sorting through all the 'junk' you've accumulated over the years?  Do you want to gain freedom from the burden of your stuff?  Do you want to simplify your life? Do you want to have the ability to seek out more adventure?  What's the cost of not investing time in yourself and doing what's best for you? Stuff doesn't only clutter our houses, it also clutters our minds and makes things more difficult.

What are the benefits to the Magic of Minimalism course?

In this live video training accompanied with modules you will:

  • Trade insignificant stuff for a a life of simplicity, freedom, and significance

  • Make more space for productivity and peace in your brain and environment

  • Reform your shopping habits to keep you on track

  • Free up prime mental real estate to focus on your life vision

  • Use brain science hacks to downsize quickly without stress, having loads of fun

  • Step into the joy and simplicity that you’ve been dreaming of!


Pam L.

“I am a better mother, a better wife, a better housekeeper, a better budgeter, a better teacher, a better neighbor, and a better friend. I’m still a work in progress, but it feels good to be where I am at." —Pam L.